Stop saving for a 20% deposit and forget about LMI.

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Don’t borrow more to insure the bank. OSQO fees are 1/10 the cost of Lender's Mortgage Insurance.

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Don’t borrow more just to insure the bank.

OSQO will loan you the gap!
  1. You cut your debt and retain full ownership
  2. Your mortgage broker will arrange a home loan
  3. You save as your home earns its deposit-gap
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Do you have family and friends that can help?

They can invest in you with OSQO
  1. Once your loan is approved they can also invest
  2. They choose how much and OSQO covers the rest
  3. They earn mortgage rates + a share of growth
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  • Homebuyers avoid LMI + save thousands in fees.
  • Investors earn mortgage rate returns + a fair share of growth.

Everybody is better off with OSQO.

OSQO exists to help Aussie homebuyers realise the great Australian dream - owning their own home, by helping Mums, Dads, family and friends back their loved ones to realise that dream.

We’re tackling two problems at once

historically high property prices reducing home ownership rates


historically low fixed interest rates reducing investment returns.

Deposit-gap loans make home ownership a family and friend investment, in a way that benefits both homebuyers and investors, in times that will never be what they were.

Now everyone can invest in home ownership.

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By choosing OSQO, you could save


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